Nick Parker
Creative Director

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Nick has been surrounding himself with all things creative for over 15 years. He prides himself in a diversity of style and a range of technical skills including digital design, animation, video production, web and graphic design.

Founding Light Creative in 2000, Nick's main strength is bringing multiple creative services together to create a seamless, cohesive and holistic offering.

As for Framework Melbourne, all the basketball stuff is his. All the action figures are his. Half the chairs come from his living room... well, we are only 50% sure he actually has another home to go to.


Francis Nicholls-Wunder
Communications and Business Development, Light Creative  |

One of Framework Melbourne's managers, Francis spends his spare time working in business development with Light Creative. With a history of writing, editing, strategising and planning for companies from around the world in every industry from travel to finance, Francis has over 10 years' experience in media, marketing and communications. Hell, they are even letting him teach the stuff at RMIT and Swinburne these days.

Francis looks beyond the big picture. In fact, he'd rather write a thousand words than have to draw a picture. A Melbourne coworking space like Framework is the perfect fit for Francis as he is surrounded by talented designers that can do the drawing for him.

A Melbourne native, Francis is very aware of the standard Melbourne pub rules for the pool table and knows at least twenty places in the CBD for a $10 lunch.

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Amos Whitewolf
Javascript Developer, Gleamers |

Amos is a full stack javascript developer building web and mobile applications within the Meteor framework. I design and develop projects from the ground up - from idea, through wireframe, high fidelity PSD, coding, deployment and evaluation. I freelance from Framework, a co-working space in Carlton, Melbourne.

Amos enjoy biology, boxing and beer. As well as Meteor.js, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, website development and design, user interface design, product development and management.

In 2015 he co-founded a software startup for the home services industry, Gleamers. Managing a team of 6, reviewing the code and controlling the Github and Trello flows. Recently, he has focused on the backend, improving customer experience and the speed and security of the app.

As a developer with Grout Software Amos designed and developed the innovative event and venue management application, Overlord. This app was used to manage the One Direction 2015 tour event in Sydney and many other large events and festivals. He also co-developed the Precinct 54 website and developed an in-house time-tracking program to increase productivity.

Lisa Von Fersen
Graphic Designer, Light Creative |

Lisa is the physical embodiment of the 'work hard, play hard' philosophy. Until a client calls. Then she subscribes to the ancient school of desk hiding. Lisa is so good at multi-tasking, we suspect she has either a timer turner or an identical twin.

With an advanced diploma in graphic design from RMIT under her belt, as well as a UX cert from General Assembly, she's our young design gun. And, sometimes, we worry she'll run out of space on her utility belt. 


Imogen Baker
Writer, Light Creative |

Imogen is a carbon-based life form with bipedal movement who half understands exactly what irony is and once cried during Chicken Run. These reasons, and many others, sadly disqualify her from competing in the Ultimate Fighting Robot League.

Instead she became a culture, design and lifestyle journalist, writing for Concrete Playground, editing and rambling for mous. magazine, freelance copywriting and dabbling in graphic design and marketing. She recently graduated with a BA of Journalism, minoring in architecture and graphic design and is interested in chatting with anyone about these topics: internet culture, gardening, fried chicken, feminism, funky hats and digital art.

In her sparetime she enjoys hugging dogs and secretly working towards her goal of defying the odds and becoming the Ultimate Fighting Robot.


Michael Christofas

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Michael has been a freelance photographer for over eight years and is accredited through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Michael has worked with everyone from corporates to tradesmen and community organisations to capture beautiful images to suit business and individual needs. This includes:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Images for Marketing Collateral
  • Wedding Photography

Michael is also an educator and currently commits time to training photography, video/video editing to young adults with disabilities in the Community & Not For Profit sector.

People, movement, shape and design influence Michael’s personal work and when not photographing or hanging out at Framework, he can be found cycling, at live music venues or travelling to various parts of the globe.