Why have one uber cool meeting room...
When you can have two!


Fully furnished and ready to go! The Cage and The Corner provide you with the perfect space to take your clients and colleagues alike. 

Meeting Rooms


The Cage

The Cage offers privacy and style with room for up to 10 participants. It's decked out with a 50 inch monitor, large wall-mounted whiteboard and, to top it all off, an xbox for both business and pleasure! 

Framework disputes are often resolved with a few rounds of Street Fighter. There is always the pool table if your button mashing skills aren't up to scratch.

The Corner

The Corner enjoys the ambience of an open area with room for up to 6 people. The space includes a 50 inch monitor to take your presentation to the big screen and a large wall-mounted whiteboard to generate that next big idea.

The Corner may not have an xbox but it does benefit from an abundance of faux plants and a big old window with Swanston St views. And that's just as good, right?


Members can book the meeting rooms online and without charge!
Non-members can get in on the action too at $30 per hour.



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