francis nicholls-wunder

Francis Nicholls-Wunder
Communications and Business Development, Light Creative  |

One of Framework Melbourne's managers, Francis spends his spare time working in business development with Light Creative. With a history of writing, editing, strategising and planning for companies from around the world in every industry from travel to finance, Francis has over 10 years' experience in media, marketing and communications. Hell, they are even letting him teach the stuff at RMIT and Swinburne these days.

Francis looks beyond the big picture. In fact, he'd rather write a thousand words than have to draw a picture. A Melbourne coworking space like Framework is the perfect fit for Francis as he is surrounded by talented designers that can do the drawing for him.

A Melbourne native, Francis is very aware of the standard Melbourne pub rules for the pool table and knows at least twenty places in the CBD for a $10 lunch.

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