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One Stop Adventures

1800-DOG-PUN   |   @chunk3057 

Chunkonathan “Chunk” Abernathy is the current CEO of One Stop Adventures, a platform that helps young travellers plan and live their holiday dreams. But his story begins long ago.

In 1942, he worked as a street performer in Liverpool, gaining notoriety for his uncanny impersonation of Winston Churchill. After the war, Chunk took his talents to Hollywood, acting in many roles such as ‘Wailing European woman in a headscarf', 'Angry police chief' and, in one notable advertisement for McDonalds, ‘Sentient dancing and singing chicken nugget’.

His three proudest achievements include coining the phrase, "I'm getting too old for this shit", meeting the dog from 'The Artist', and jumping onto the couch without help that one time.

Since moving his family to Melbourne, life has settled down for Chunk. He now concerns himself with sleeping, receiving pats, and figuring out how the hell he is going to get off this table.