So a designer, a programmer and a writer step into a meeting room...

People think I must be joking when I try to describe what I do for a living. I find it so hard to describe the fluctuation of the creative process without sounding like a complete lunatic. Frankly, I can barely describe my job to myself.

The creative industry is collaborative in its essence. Without like-minded people around you to appreciate, contribute and challenge you on the work that you do the days can be incredibly lonely and frustrating. Framework Melbourne is all about a supportive atmosphere where we can share a space and share some work while we're at it. Here people won't only understand your work, they will be excited to hear all the details and get involved themselves.

So what do I do for a living? Well, it's kinda hard to explain. Suffice to say it includes writing confusing blog posts for a great new Melbourne coworking space.