sick leave

Sick leave. A distant luxury.

My appendix blew up. I don't feel like working.

I feel like appendicitis is a reasonably common affliction these days and for whatever reason I didn't think it was that big a deal. Maybe mine was a particularly bad case but I certainly wasn't expecting the surgeons to tell me it would be six weeks until I had fully recovered. In fact, I'm told I shouldn't lift anything heavier than a kilo in the next week. You would be surprised what weighs a kilo. My girlfriend gets me water from the fridge because I can't physically lift the jug.

While previous positions have allowed me to tap into sick leave, there is no such luxury for us freelancers and small business owners. I won't be around Framework Melbourne too much for the next little while. I simply feel guilty and anxious about all the work I'm not doing and all of the money I'm not bringing in through the door. This is of course exhausting, and puts my weakened mind and body to sleep, where I have unproductive dreams about cartoon animals (another story).

The trick seems to be having a good little team, a few solid connections and a personal brand identity you can be proud of. Coworking spaces are good for that. The support of my loved ones has meant everything to get me physically through my very first hospital visit but the support of my colleagues and a belief in the brand I work with keeps me positive and ready to hit the ground running. Or hobbling... kind of slightly bent over with some light pain killers and plenty of nap time in the middle of the day.