Kobe needs Koworking

Creative work is like basketball, you can dribble around all you want but the ball moves a lot faster if you pass. With holistic tools so readily available I sometimes get trapped approaching my tasks within a single-player framework. It’s important to step back and view Melbourne creative work as a team sport, a partnership akin to Kobe and Shaq. Even with their individual talents they could never have won the 2000 championship without teamwork, or more aptly, coworking.

Kobe can put up 40 points a night, but he can’t get the rebounds and blocks like Shaq. In the same way the best graphic designer in Melbourne can’t succeed without coworking with a copywriter who crafts the perfect verbal framework. Basketball fans might interject, ‘but what about the Shaq-Kobe feud, working together clearly causes problems’.

Troubles are avoided because coworking doesn’t follow that strict team framework. Choose to work with Melbourne based creatives for anywhere from a few minutes, to the entire project, and decide on your own how much control to relinquish. The advantage of working in a Melbourne coworking space, not a traditional office cubicle framework, is this freedom to work together as much or as little as needed.

If you have any doubts about the importance of Melbourne coworking, just have a look at the Lakers this season. Even with Kobe averaging 30 points a game they had one of the worst records in the NBA because they competed with a single-player framework. Had they been open to coworking, working within a team framework, maybe they would be in playoff contention.

Don’t be a Kobe. Don’t lose as a single-player, win as a Melbourne coworker.