A Human Touch

Many would argue that the increased time we’re spending in the creepy, sci-fi sounding ‘digital world’ of social media and the internet is taking time away from traditional face to face human interaction. Up until the last couple of years I probably would have agreed.

Lately there’s been a push in the other direction with people getting sick of spending all their spare time looking at a computer screen or smart phone or tablet. There are now plenty of Melbourne coworking spaces like Framework Melbourne where lonely freelancers have benefited from some much needed human interaction. As well as coworking giving freelancers and creatives an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, there has been a huge increase in organised meet-ups.

The idea of a meet-up isn’t new. You go somewhere and meet up with a group of people. Not rocket science is it? What is new is the website that allows individuals to easily find groups of people who share the same interests and... meet up with them. While Facebook has groups that people can join to discuss shared interests and so forth Meetup cuts straight to the chase. You’re interested in the same thing as a group of people? Great they’re meeting up at this place at this time, you’re welcome to join in!

Framework Melbourne hosted our first very successful coworking meet-up this week. Dubbed Monday Coworking the idea is that on the first Monday of every month we open our doors and have anyone interested in Melbourne coworking come and hang out for the day. We chatted about coworking, freelancing, got some work done, played some pool and made plenty of new friends.

It feels great to be able to connect and interact with so many great people. Digital isolation is no more! If you’re interested in coming to our next meet-up hop on our page and RSVP!