Help us decide! Luke Lucas branding for Framework Melbourne

I used to share a coworking space with a chap named Luke Lucas. When he first enquired about sharing the studio with us, my colleagues didn't understand why I suddenly turned into a giddy school girl who was about to meet Justin Timberlake for the first time.

We all admire different people for various reasons. In this case, it's Luke's masterful manipulation of typographic form. If he could also dunk, I'd probably replace my Justin Timberlake posters. If you're not familiar with his work, check out his site:

Anyway, I should probably lay off embarrassing him any further and get to my point. Luke's agreed to help us with the branding of Framework Melbourne. He's produced some concepts and these our 3 favourites. As I said to Luke;

"It's like opening a bunch of rad presents but I only get to keep one!".


We're asking for your help on deciding which direction we should go, so please feel free to leave some comments for us! 


Concept 01

Concept 02

Concept 03