Music coworking - the struggle for creative song selection

The background music at Framework Melbourne is quite possibly my favourite aspect of being involved in a coworking space. I hate the sound of silence, so I am at least a 50% happier coworking human when there is music involved.

Such is the subjective framework of music that it’s always going to be tough to find a playlist that suits everyone. Melbourne creatives come in all ages, shapes and sizes so choosing the right songs can be contentious territory.

Melancholy rock ballads can bring a negative vibe, while upbeat dance bangers are at the very least distracting. As a rule of thumb, any death metal or hardcore is a huge no-no.

Being entrusted with any sort of music selection is a massive task. I like to think I am relatively creative and reliable when thrown the auxiliary cord, but I’m far from perfect. You can tell you've picked a bad song at Framework Melbourne when every creative coworker reaches for their headphones to drown it out.

The benefit of coworking at Framework Melbourne is that we are all a team, and the collaborative environment means that everyone gets a say. There is no empirical playlist which will suit everyone, but through coworking you may just find the right music to help you work more productively than ever.

If you have any creative suggestions for the music selection at Framework Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Leaving the shack - Is coworking Melbourne's answer?

Freelancing, it’s great how you manage your own time and you work when you want to work. And let's face it, the money is better. So realistically, less hours freelancing and more you time. Your friends envy your lifestyle because it sounds amazing, it really does. But the life of a freelancer revolves around your shack, whether you spend your entire week hidden in your Melbourne bedroom or you're fortunate enough to have a study. The only time you leave home is to stock up on the necessities you're running low on and of course, Melbourne's specialty barista made coffee.

Why not leave the shack in the past? I recently decided to leave the nest and try out Framework Melbourne, a coworking space with other like minded individuals. Not only did it inspire me in more ways than one, but thanks to coworking, my network has grown tremendously. Exposed to new clients and freelancers, Framework Melbourne has given me the opportunity I never thought of. Open a new door, you won’t regret it.

Alex Kutschukian is a freelance designer, photographer and marketing professional that has been a recent resident of the Framework Melbourne coworking space. You can find his work and contact details here.

Kobe needs Koworking

Creative work is like basketball, you can dribble around all you want but the ball moves a lot faster if you pass. With holistic tools so readily available I sometimes get trapped approaching my tasks within a single-player framework. It’s important to step back and view Melbourne creative work as a team sport, a partnership akin to Kobe and Shaq. Even with their individual talents they could never have won the 2000 championship without teamwork, or more aptly, coworking.

Kobe can put up 40 points a night, but he can’t get the rebounds and blocks like Shaq. In the same way the best graphic designer in Melbourne can’t succeed without coworking with a copywriter who crafts the perfect verbal framework. Basketball fans might interject, ‘but what about the Shaq-Kobe feud, working together clearly causes problems’.

Troubles are avoided because coworking doesn’t follow that strict team framework. Choose to work with Melbourne based creatives for anywhere from a few minutes, to the entire project, and decide on your own how much control to relinquish. The advantage of working in a Melbourne coworking space, not a traditional office cubicle framework, is this freedom to work together as much or as little as needed.

If you have any doubts about the importance of Melbourne coworking, just have a look at the Lakers this season. Even with Kobe averaging 30 points a game they had one of the worst records in the NBA because they competed with a single-player framework. Had they been open to coworking, working within a team framework, maybe they would be in playoff contention.

Don’t be a Kobe. Don’t lose as a single-player, win as a Melbourne coworker. 

Cleanliness is next to Laziness

Ever done that thing where you dance around the room pretending the mop whose eyes you are staring into is your soul mate? You know, like they do in the movies. It doesn't really get the floor very clean in our coworking space at Framework Melbourne...

Well we are very happy to announce that Framework Melbourne now has its very own official cleaner! Coworking means cocleaning but just because the guys can design a pretty website, doesn't mean they can keep a pretty workplace. Looking around, I am almost definitely the worst culprit...

A coworking space, or any Melbourne workplace for that matter, needs to be a pleasant place to be around. If your desk is full of clutter, the microwave has those mysterious burnt crumbs stuck to its roof, and the dust on the windows give a permanent smoggy haze to Melbourne's great outdoors, you might find yourself spending more time cursing your surrounds than wowing your clients.

The lovely Claire, who spends most of her waking hours working through a masters of psychology on our cowork couches, is putting her hand up to keep Framework Melbourne the comfortable and tidy place we all love to cowork in. Thanks a bunch Claire!

Can Coworking overcome the Daily Grind?

Consider the term “the daily grind”. The framework that usually comes to mind is Monday through to till Friday, starting at 9am and finishing anywhere in the vicinity of 5pm, right?

There is no logical reason as to why we follow this trend. No scientific research has proven that we are more productive during these hours. Hell, most of the people working such hours can’t stand it. Through tradition alone, it has just become the norm.

If my studies in Philosophy at Melbourne Uni have taught me anything, it’s to not accept any established social framework as fact. Socrates created a legacy by doing just this: he questioned everything. Why should the working week be any different?

If I encountered a restless night’s sleep on Sunday, why should I drearily wake to my 7am Monday alarm, jump on a packed Melbourne train, knowing it will take me at least two short blacks before I can produce anything of value?

Some of us are morning people, admittedly. But personally, I'm not really human until post meridiem. 

My brief but insightful time at Framework Melbourne, one of Melbourne's new creative coworking spaces, has shed some light onto the working habits of a freelancer. People come and go as they please here. Taking a morning or an afternoon off from coworking is standard: not coming in for a whole day isn't uncommon.

One thing that is uncommon however is the stress levels. The mood is positive and everyone is social. The chilled background music and regular coworking means that silence is rare. Creativity and productivity are high. 

I like the way this coworking thing functions. This is one thing I’d say that the freelancers at Framework Melbourne coworking space have definitely got right.

If you're a Melbourne freelancer looking for a great coworking opportunity, Framework Melbourne open their doors for free on the first Monday of every month. What better reason to come in, connect and get creative?

Help us decide! Luke Lucas branding for Framework Melbourne

I used to share a coworking space with a chap named Luke Lucas. When he first enquired about sharing the studio with us, my colleagues didn't understand why I suddenly turned into a giddy school girl who was about to meet Justin Timberlake for the first time.

We all admire different people for various reasons. In this case, it's Luke's masterful manipulation of typographic form. If he could also dunk, I'd probably replace my Justin Timberlake posters. If you're not familiar with his work, check out his site:

Anyway, I should probably lay off embarrassing him any further and get to my point. Luke's agreed to help us with the branding of Framework Melbourne. He's produced some concepts and these our 3 favourites. As I said to Luke;

"It's like opening a bunch of rad presents but I only get to keep one!".


We're asking for your help on deciding which direction we should go, so please feel free to leave some comments for us! 


Concept 01

Concept 02

Concept 03

A Human Touch

Many would argue that the increased time we’re spending in the creepy, sci-fi sounding ‘digital world’ of social media and the internet is taking time away from traditional face to face human interaction. Up until the last couple of years I probably would have agreed.

Lately there’s been a push in the other direction with people getting sick of spending all their spare time looking at a computer screen or smart phone or tablet. There are now plenty of Melbourne coworking spaces like Framework Melbourne where lonely freelancers have benefited from some much needed human interaction. As well as coworking giving freelancers and creatives an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, there has been a huge increase in organised meet-ups.

The idea of a meet-up isn’t new. You go somewhere and meet up with a group of people. Not rocket science is it? What is new is the website that allows individuals to easily find groups of people who share the same interests and... meet up with them. While Facebook has groups that people can join to discuss shared interests and so forth Meetup cuts straight to the chase. You’re interested in the same thing as a group of people? Great they’re meeting up at this place at this time, you’re welcome to join in!

Framework Melbourne hosted our first very successful coworking meet-up this week. Dubbed Monday Coworking the idea is that on the first Monday of every month we open our doors and have anyone interested in Melbourne coworking come and hang out for the day. We chatted about coworking, freelancing, got some work done, played some pool and made plenty of new friends.

It feels great to be able to connect and interact with so many great people. Digital isolation is no more! If you’re interested in coming to our next meet-up hop on our page and RSVP! 

Creative Maintenance

I used to think that those 'creative' types just floated through life doodling and scribbling whatever popped into their imagination. Some weird natural skill meaning that their creations were that bit more 'professional' than those of your average modern human, who hasn't written anything other than their signature by hand since the third grade.

After pushing myself to do a bit more of that networking everyone says is so important, and spending a lot of time in a Melbourne coworking space, it seems that every creative I meet spends a huge amount of time refreshing their skills so that they can stay at the cutting edge of the industry. But these days most creatives aren't pigeonholed into one skill-set, in fact there is a real demand for multi-skilled freelancers and agencies that can offer a more holistic set of services.

Perhaps there is some conciliation in the fact that most creatives are reasonably savvy and active in social media and do their best to share their knowledge when they can. Meetups, forums and social media groups are invaluable to freelancers these days, they kind of keep you sane and stop you from becoming a freelance hermit than never leaves their shack aside from to stock up on take-away coffee cups. Coworking spaces can be even better.

Checkout the Framework Melbourne Facebook page for our own regular meetups or you are always welcome to drop by and have a chat with some of our resident coworkers, you might learn something, you might teach something, hell you might even get some work out of it.

So a designer, a programmer and a writer step into a meeting room...

People think I must be joking when I try to describe what I do for a living. I find it so hard to describe the fluctuation of the creative process without sounding like a complete lunatic. Frankly, I can barely describe my job to myself.

The creative industry is collaborative in its essence. Without like-minded people around you to appreciate, contribute and challenge you on the work that you do the days can be incredibly lonely and frustrating. Framework Melbourne is all about a supportive atmosphere where we can share a space and share some work while we're at it. Here people won't only understand your work, they will be excited to hear all the details and get involved themselves.

So what do I do for a living? Well, it's kinda hard to explain. Suffice to say it includes writing confusing blog posts for a great new Melbourne coworking space.

The Final Touches

Well, I'm proud to say we overcame the Herculean task of moving our new pool table from the street, up the stairs and passed the elegant glass walls and windows without any mishaps. With the beer bottles from the soft launch hurtled at the recycle bin, we are up to the final touches at Framework Melbourne!

As well as heavy labour, we've been working hard on press releases, keeping extra social on social media and throwing our weight around on some of Melbourne's listing sites to get ourselves firmly planted on the Melbourne coworking map!

There is a bit of enthusiasm and excitement in the air, can't wait to fill these desks with some solid Melbourne creative talent.