Framework Melbourne

Framework Melbourne - Partying for Creatives

Ok so we kind of spaced on a proper launch party. Truth is we were nervous no one would turn up. Even if they did we were kind of embarrassed at the start of the year, there were so few desks filled you could hear everyone's mouse clicks echoing off the walls...

Well last Friday we were all out of excuses. There is now a great group of creative minded people who drop by each and every week to work, play and collaborate together to bring a great atmosphere to Framework Melbourne. It was finally time to celebrate with all those Frameworkers, and of course the dozens of friends and family that caught wind of the free booze.

The night had everything: a bread mountain, roller pool (office chair style), a pot plant casualty and a multi-storey carpark photography mission. Somehow, come Monday the place looked good as new, all of the Frameworkers even seem to have finally shaken off their hangovers.

So a big thank you to everyone from Nick, Kim and I for making Framework the awesome place to work that it has become. We promise we will make it an awesome place to party a bit more often.

A big thanks to Nicola Bernardi for taking a few snaps for us!

Music coworking - the struggle for creative song selection

The background music at Framework Melbourne is quite possibly my favourite aspect of being involved in a coworking space. I hate the sound of silence, so I am at least a 50% happier coworking human when there is music involved.

Such is the subjective framework of music that it’s always going to be tough to find a playlist that suits everyone. Melbourne creatives come in all ages, shapes and sizes so choosing the right songs can be contentious territory.

Melancholy rock ballads can bring a negative vibe, while upbeat dance bangers are at the very least distracting. As a rule of thumb, any death metal or hardcore is a huge no-no.

Being entrusted with any sort of music selection is a massive task. I like to think I am relatively creative and reliable when thrown the auxiliary cord, but I’m far from perfect. You can tell you've picked a bad song at Framework Melbourne when every creative coworker reaches for their headphones to drown it out.

The benefit of coworking at Framework Melbourne is that we are all a team, and the collaborative environment means that everyone gets a say. There is no empirical playlist which will suit everyone, but through coworking you may just find the right music to help you work more productively than ever.

If you have any creative suggestions for the music selection at Framework Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Leaving the shack - Is coworking Melbourne's answer?

Freelancing, it’s great how you manage your own time and you work when you want to work. And let's face it, the money is better. So realistically, less hours freelancing and more you time. Your friends envy your lifestyle because it sounds amazing, it really does. But the life of a freelancer revolves around your shack, whether you spend your entire week hidden in your Melbourne bedroom or you're fortunate enough to have a study. The only time you leave home is to stock up on the necessities you're running low on and of course, Melbourne's specialty barista made coffee.

Why not leave the shack in the past? I recently decided to leave the nest and try out Framework Melbourne, a coworking space with other like minded individuals. Not only did it inspire me in more ways than one, but thanks to coworking, my network has grown tremendously. Exposed to new clients and freelancers, Framework Melbourne has given me the opportunity I never thought of. Open a new door, you won’t regret it.

Alex Kutschukian is a freelance designer, photographer and marketing professional that has been a recent resident of the Framework Melbourne coworking space. You can find his work and contact details here.