Framework March Diaries

Video Games

This month at Framework we’ve been playing video games on a Friday night. We’re sticking with inclusive, co-op friend consoles: the Wii U and the classic Nintendo 64.

Some of our best co-op game recommendations so far:

1.     Bumper Ball on Mario Party 2 (N64): who would have thought that such a simple concept would be so popular and generate so much aggressive competition?


2.     Sneak Snore on Mario Party 2 (N64): It should be simple. Sneak up on a sleeping Chain Chomp and hide in a barrel if he wakes up. But it’s not. Shoddy controllers and general mayhem make this game surprisingly difficult.

3.     Mario Chase (Wii U): The chased gets a bird’s eye view of the stadium while the chasers have to work together to find him. There’s a distinct ‘Lord of the Flies’ mentality about the whole thing…


4.  Sweet Day (Wii U): The animal’s team runs around the candy map, eating candies they harvest (from candy trees, of course). They’re pursued by the guards, two of whom are controlled by a single chaser. It may sound sweet but being backed into a corner with a sluggish head full of candies is one of the most terrifying feelings in the world.


5.     Luigi’s Haunted Mansion (Wii U): One person is the ghost in a spooky mansion, and the team of ghost hunters track him with their flash lights. The ghost can also just MURDER the trackers, but only if he sneaks up on them. Very dark. Very spooky. Very good.


Law Squared Talks

Framework hosted LawSquared’s, Demetri's talk on the '5 legal tips for entrepreneurs’. It was a great presentation for all of our members who are either starting their own business, or working as a freelancer.



It’s easy to get carried away with the core of your business, and forget about all of the legal groundwork you are supposed to be laying for your future. By going through all the legal opportunities and pitfalls of growing businesses, Demetri was able to get the entire audience busily scratching away notes to implement as soon as possible. Overall the entire presentation opened up the minds of everyone present to how they could improve, and also go their gears moving.

And even better, they laid out an amazing spread of food and wine for us to smash down while we learnt about everything from NDAs, to international trademark law.

Everyone had a great, and informative, time and we all look forward to the next one!