Board Games vs. Nightclubs

board game vs nightclub

Any kid under the age of 7 Wonders why adults think board games are a Trivial Pursuit and not worth the Trouble. The truth is that Through The Ages we've been conditioned by society to think nightclubs have a Monopoly on fun, and playing board games is Taboo for adults.

Instead, we should listen to blaring music that Scrabbles our brains, whilst trying to Guess Who will make the next unsolicited advance on our friends. Uno what I’m talking about. You better hope it’s Pay Day because entry to that sweaty Dungeon costs more than a refurbished Battleship. Not to mention embarking on the Twilight Struggle of buying an overpriced beer, whilst using all the Diplomacy you can muster to avoid ending up on the Operation table because you tried to Say Anything at all to the bouncer.

Well to that I say, Balderdash!

Why can’t we read the Cluedos and do something on a Friday night that actually requires us to use our Craniums and be Articulate! Playing a board game gives you a chance to order some Dominoes pizza and actually Connect Four a while in a fun and inclusive environment.

I’m Sorry for this Pandemic of puns, but I just had to Go for it. Because in the Game of Life we get to choose our own path across this Smallworld, and I, for one, won’t go through these Charades anymore. It’s time to take a Risk and defy those who Scattegorise how we can have fun. Let’s all get together on a Friday night with a fun board game, and turn the Cards Against Humanity for a change!

All those with me say: Backgammon!