Hey Framework guys, what’s with the bobbleheads?

They’re everywhere.

Has this ever happened to you?

Or this?


Everywhere you turn in Framework, you’re watched over by benign but ever vigilant bobbleheads. Call it a quirk of our co-working space. We’re even running a contest where entrants have to find all the bobbleheads hidden in the Framework Google tour (tell your friends – they could win a free month at Framework and meet the bobbleheads in person).

But why the bobblehead obsession, you ask? Can’t I just use the bathroom in peace without 10 bobbleheads bobbling at me? No, you can’t, it’s in your contract. And we’re not sure why the obsession. We don’t rightly know so we asked Nick.

Us (keen investigators of local cultural phenomenon) to Nick Parker, bobble head fanatic: Hey nick. Where did the bobbles come from and where are they going? Please note anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law and/or the internet.

Nick: 1. Probably China or Taiwan.  2. Nowhere. Would you like me to take this more seriously?

Us: Yes please, this is a serious Framework issue - the people want to know!

Nick: Each bobble was given to Light Creative peeps as they joined the team. Kinda like a welcome gift and an excuse for me to go shopping for toys, as well as get away with comparing people to figures of pop culture.

So there you have it. Every bobblehead you see is a horcrux for a Light Creative peep, so please don’t burn them in Fiendfyre, or we’ll be left embarrassingly mortal. Andddd if anyone from Light Creative ever gives you a toy, you should know it’s not so much a toy as a comment on your essential character AND an excuse for Nick to shop in Toys R Us.