The opinion of a 16 year old

If you have ever grown up in a small country town like me as a kid, you probably at least had or still have some preconceived ideas as to what co-working in the creative industry is, if you had of asked me a week ago “what do you think co-working at Framework is?”, I would have replied with something like, “well ok, isn’t that obvious? A bunch of shy, weird people who are the type to hide in the unpopulated aisles of the library with an A3 art book always sketching something, and they probably wouldn’t show you if you asked them. But instead of being in a library, they are in a shared office.”

Now, I recognise that before undertaking work experience with light creative at Framework, I was a very much closed minded, uninspired, uncreative person… I am very truly proud to report that this is not the case anymore, and that all my preconceived ideas were so totally wrong and I’m glad they were. A creative industry like Framework is so totally different to that, and it’s these kinds of people who inspire people like me to be creative and standout from the norm.

If you were to ask me the same question now after spending a week with these nut jobs “what do you think co-working at Framework is?” I would reply “yeah well I don’t have to think, I know. Co-working at Framework, is a room full of creative, outgoing and unique set of characters that produce not only incredible work, but outrageous excuses, just to enjoy themselves and make every day as unique as it can possibly be.” And seriously though, it’s all true, who else has a pool table, basketball court and Xbox in there office?

If you’re already thinking about being in the creative industry, and you’re undecided as to work from home or out freelancing in a co-working environment, please let me steer you towards co-working. I promise, you won’t regret it! Co-working will always be opening new doors for you and its one of the only guaranteed ways of making new friends. And even if you’re not the creative type like I wasn’t, I encourage you to go to few open days even if it only remotely interests you. The people like the guys at Framework might really pull the creativity right out of places you didn’t even know you had.