amos whitewolf

Amos Whitewolf
Javascript Developer, Gleamers |

Amos is a full stack javascript developer building web and mobile applications within the Meteor framework. I design and develop projects from the ground up - from idea, through wireframe, high fidelity PSD, coding, deployment and evaluation. I freelance from Framework, a co-working space in Carlton, Melbourne.

Amos enjoy biology, boxing and beer. As well as Meteor.js, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, website development and design, user interface design, product development and management.

In 2015 he co-founded a software startup for the home services industry, Gleamers. Managing a team of 6, reviewing the code and controlling the Github and Trello flows. Recently, he has focused on the backend, improving customer experience and the speed and security of the app.

As a developer with Grout Software Amos designed and developed the innovative event and venue management application, Overlord. This app was used to manage the One Direction 2015 tour event in Sydney and many other large events and festivals. He also co-developed the Precinct 54 website and developed an in-house time-tracking program to increase productivity.